Consent Letter for Children

Consent Letter for Children Travelling Abroad

We strongly recommend that children travelling abroad carry a consent letter from every person with the legal right to make major decisions on their behalf, if that person is not accompanying the children on the trip. For example, children travelling alone, with groups, or with only one of their custodial parents should travel with a consent letter.

A consent letter should be obtained from each person or organization with:

  • custodial rights;
  • guardianship rights; or
  • parental authority (in Quebec only)

Since every situation is unique, we recommend that you talk to a lawyer for advice on what your child will require, particularly if your parenting arrangement has special terms governing international travel.

A sample consent letter is attached. Please click here.

A consent letter may facilitate entry of a Canadian child into another country or from another country to Canada. However, carrying a consent letter cannot guarantee entry, as permission to enter another country is entirely the decision of that country.

We advise you to have the consent letter certified, stamped or sealed by an official who has the authority to administer an oath or solemn declaration (i.e., a commissioner for oaths, notary public, lawyer, etc.) so that the validity of the letter will not be questioned. It is up to each official/individual who witnesses.